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While social media has been at the forefront of the digital age for a long time now, 2020 was definitely a year to appreciate the value of staying connected through each channel.
Boosting social media posts should be part of your social media marketing strategy and budget, and there are multiple reasons why.
Whether Instagram is important for business to consumer industries is a moot point.
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Although most of us have now interacted with a chatbot at least once, most people in South Africa don’t even know that they have engaged with a chatbot.
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To clarify, influencer marketing is when a brand partners with a social media influencer – someone with a large social media following – to promote the products and services offered by that brand; these influencers are essentially celebrity endorsers but the marketing message is employed with a bit more tact, authenticity and finesse, and these campaigns are the fruits of particularly opportunistic marketers.
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Change is a guaranteed constant when it comes to social media, and the only way you can truly optimise your marketing strategy is if you are constantly adapting and updating it.