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It can be quite a downer to log onto your social media business page, only to find that you’ve lost followers and your overall engagement has dropped. Why would this be happening?
What is social media if not a constant opportunity to share? Knowing what to post on which platforms makes all the difference, though.
When it comes to using social media and networking successfully, each platform has its own style, or voice if you want to call it that.
Before we start answering whether or not Google AdWords advertising is the best digital marketing strategy a business needs; let’s look at what Google Advertising is.
As a social media trainer, one of the things I get asked about the most is how to make the most out of LinkedIn for business.
The research conducted by different industries and the resulting reports and statistics are an enlightening source of information for beginner and pro marketers.
You may know that Google Partners is a Google program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals and other online consul