Google Workspace Pricing South Africa

Google Workspace, the company's package of business tools formerly known as Google Suite, is now free and open to everybody. This may puzzle some Google customers who have been using tools like Gmail, Meet, and Docs for free for a long time. However, Google Workspace includes several premium capabilities that were previously exclusively available to paying clients.

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Google Workspace: A Brief Run Down

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud-based apps that combine communication and collaboration within the online working environment. It provides organisations with a solution to storing and accessing vital data on one, secure platform. Prior to its revamp, it was known as G Suite or Google Apps. Google Workspace App Google Workspace consists of a wide variety of apps, that have a vast number of applications. These apps include, but are not limited to:

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The Advantages of Google Workspace

As globalisation and technology progresses, so does the interconnectivity we experience improve. The world is moving in the direction of unified online workspaces, favouring a centralised network above scattered applications and functionalities that are hard to integrate with one another. Google workspace will simplify your online working environment while providing a secure collaborative space.  In this article we will discuss the functionalities and advantages of Google Workspace within a business environment.

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