Content Marketing for South Africa in 2021

Even though the term “content marketing” has consistently grown in popularity from around 2010, it’s not a new concept. We’ve always had content marketing; the iterations of it has just changed over the generations. Even though it keeps changing, the fundamentals remain the same.   What is Content Marketing?

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Google Ads Agencies – We offer more than just Search Advertising campaigns

Google Ads Agencies More Than Just Advertising

When businesses and consumers think about Google Ads, they typically think about Google Search campaigns (where a user types in a search phrase and an ad pops up). As such, when they think about a Google Ads agency, or Google Ads specialist, they think that Search Advertising campaigns is all that we can offer.

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3 Ways in Which Digital Marketing in South Africa Differs From the Rest of the World

digital marketing in south africa vs the world

Digital marketing in South Africa makes use of the international principles to generate leads and increase brand awareness. The principles being: content marketing, search engine optimisation, social media, and Google paid advertising channels. There are, however, three key areas in which digital marketing in South Africa differs, that presents unique opportunities for local businesses.

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