Digital Marketing Strategy: A Brief Rundown

We live in a digital age, and to run a successful business in this age, one needs to excel at digital marketing. An effective digital marketing campaign needs guidance and goals in order to perform well. This is where a digital marketing strategy comes in.

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Content Marketing: The Prerequisite of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

content marketing south africa

Content marketing has been around since 1732, more than two centuries before the internet, search engines, and social media. But the concept of creating branded content to promote your business didn’t take off until 1888 and 1895, when John & Johnson and John Deere launched magazines to educate their customers, without overtly selling products on every page.

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Lead Magnets: Generating Leads by Adding Value for Free

Lead Magnet South Africa

Leads come in various forms; website enquiries, phone calls, emails, referrals, social media, etc. For most businesses, phone calls and emails are how they receive most of their leads. Although any lead is better than no lead, a qualified lead is much more valuable than just any lead. Lead magnets are a great marketing tool to not only generate leads but also to provide the opportunity to build trust with qualified, potential customers.

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