1. Why You Must Have Updated Security

Think of your website as your house. This is the one place that you always come back to, where you live, where you want to feel safe, and a space you want to be proud of. If you think of it this way, then you begin to realise how important it is to keep your website up-to-date and secure, much like your own house. At Starbright, our website developers know how to do just that.

Why You Must Have Updated Security

Security vulnerabilities and hackers are a reality as technology and threats both develop. That is why you need expert website developers to make sure that your website’s security updates are properly installed and patches applied to seal up known and unknown vulnerabilities and bugs.

An Example of What Could Happen

Vulnerabilities can crop up for a number of reasons. For instance, you may have some custom code or plugin on your website for credit card payments or so. Unknown to you, over time somebody might figure out a way to infect this system (with some kind of malware, most likely) which allows them to steal your customers’ information through this perfectly legitimate system. Cyber criminals are extremely clever, after all.

What To Do About It

The simple answer: contract the services of a web development company like Starbright. Our website developers are experienced in performing security updates and finding vulnerabilities that may have otherwise been missed. You can also sign up for Cloudbric protection.

Extra Perks:

Rank better on Google

Having your website updated and secured will greatly improve your site’s performance, which makes the user’s experience on your website more pleasant. This, in turn, plays a role in convincing search engines to rank you higher in relevant searches. That means more potential visitors and business. Check out our SEO guide on how to get more organic visitors to your site.

Keep what makes your site special working

Things like buttons, banners, images and anything else you had a web development company code into your site for you will deprecate and eventually stop working without proper updates. But having a website developer keep everything up to date it will remain active and supported, and could even be improved upon in some cases.

Take hold of simple, professional security updates

Expert service and knowledge, from a web development in Pretoria, is the only way to have peace of mind, and our experienced team of website developers will provide you with exactly that. Contact us to find out about our website maintenance and security services, and make sure your website is as effective and safe as possible.